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Mineral Paint 

Introducing Mineral Paint: Unleash the natural colour palette of South Africa.


Welcome to the world of Mineral Paint, where nature's beauty meets artistic

inspiration. We are thrilled to present our exquisite range of 56 colours,

each carefully crafted to reflect the rich tapestry of South African

landscapes and cultures. With names inspired by the enchanting wonders of

this diverse nation, our Mineral Paint collection is here to ignite your

creativity and transform any space into a masterpiece.


What sets Mineral Paint apart is not just its captivating colour palette, but

also its commitment to the environment. We have harnessed the power of

natural minerals to create a paint that is not only visually stunning but

also eco-friendly. By using sustainable manufacturing practices, we have

developed a product that minimizes harm to our planet while maximizing the

beauty it brings to your surroundings.


Experience the sheer luxury of our matte finish, designed to add a touch of

sophistication to any interior or exterior surface. Whether you're revamping

your living room, giving your garden a fresh look, or adding a splash of

colour to your office, Mineral Paint is the perfect choice. Its versatility

knows no bounds, allowing you to unleash your imagination and create a space

that truly reflects your unique style.


To make your colour selection process even more convenient, we offer Mineral

Paint in three different sizes. Choose from our 1-liter or 5-liter options

for larger projects, or opt for our 100 ml sample pot to test your desired

colour before committing. We understand the importance of finding the perfect

shade, and our sample pots ensure that you can confidently make your

decision without any guesswork.


So, whether you're an interior designer seeking inspiration, a homeowner

looking to transform your living space, or a creative soul eager to explore

the world of colours, Mineral Paint is here to accompany you on your artistic

journey. Let the hues of South Africa infuse your surroundings with warmth,

beauty, and a touch of African magic.


Discover the wonders of Mineral Paint today and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

Why Mineral Paint? 

Proudly South African inspired and made.
Mineral Paint is the first of its kind to reach the sunny shores of South Africa. 
It is the do it all paint and better yet it contains 100% natural minerals.  

What makes it different?

Unlike other water based wall paint products, Harlequin's Mineral Paint is formulated to be the most versatile on the market. Easy to use, quick drying and 100% natural minerals used to create the most environmentally sustainable paint we have yet to create.

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