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Mineral Paint 
Colour Chart

Ditch decor disasters! Forget squinting at tiny chips and second-guessing shades.
Our Mineral Paint colour card brings the colours to life – literally! Real paint samples, vibrant and true, nestled in a beautifully designed guide. Find your perfect match effortlessly, save time and money, and paint your happy place with confidence. Order yours today and let the colour adventures begin!

Heart of Africa

Imagine this: you walk into a room bathed in the perfect shade, one that complements every corner and makes your heart sing. Our colour match Card is your ticket to that dream, bursting with secrets to harmonious hues and effortless elegance.

MP Brochure 1.jpg
MP Brochure.jpg

Whispering Walls 

Paint your paradise! Our colour match card isn't just a tool, it's a portal to a world where walls whisper and every shade tells a story.

Forget the endless trips to the hardware store, the squinting at chips, the sinking feeling of "wrong shade again." This gem unlocks the perfect palette for your every whim, from serene sanctuaries to vibrant escapes.

Step into a masterpiece you've created, brushstroke by colour-drenched brushstroke.

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